About Us

About Our Company

Palubicki’s Pharmacy in Fosston, MN. is a new state of the art Pharmacy. The basic concept of the company is to provide the best possible service to assisted living facilities and nursing homes at the best possible price.
In the years that the company has been in existence, Palubicki’s Pharmacy has garnered a reputation for providing just such service.
We have achieved this by practicing the highest level of customer service.
Our staff is comprised of dedicated employees who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide you with your medications.
It is our firm belief that it is our obligation to provide the best service to you or your loved one.
Our entire philosophy toward this business can be summed up within our mission statement…

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to fill every prescription with the level of care and attention as if it were for our own family.
We will go further and do more for our customers than any other pharmacy would even consider.
We will continue to pursue knowledge and change along with the industry.
We will provide the most accurate information possible.
We are the pharmacy that cares and through our knowledge and friendship we will set the standards for our industry.
We will continue to achieve excellence today and well into the future.

Our Pharmacists have over 50 years of combined pharmaceutical experience, and are continually furthering their education in the pharmacy field.Our pharmacy technicians are experienced employees that are highly qualified and caring professionals that try to make the pharmacy aspect of your job as simple and trouble free as possible.