Quick answers to your general queries.

What are the pharmacy’s hours?
We are open to serve residents with a full staff from 9 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We also have a partial staff in the pharmacy for ordering only from 9 a.m. To 12 p.m. on Saturday. We have a pharmacist on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Back
What geograpic areas do you serve?
Palubicki’s  Serving Fosston, Bagley, Bejou, Brooks, Clearbrook, Erskine, Gonvick, Mahnomen, McIntosh, Trail, Winger Areas
What is unit-dosing?
Unit dosing is an efficient, safe system of dispensing medications in prepackaged cassettes or bingo cards. Back

Do you deliver?
Yes, we make daily deliveries to any facility that has ordered from us that day, as well as monthly or bi-weekly deliveries of the unit-dosed, routine medications.

How are medication emergencies handled?
Medication emergencies are rare, those that do occur are handled by our on-call pharmacist.

When there is a medication change when will the change be made to the mar?
Corrections to the mar are done on a monthly basis from the changes the facility provides us. Changes that occur during the month should be written on the mar by the nursing staff and turned in to pharmacy care around the 15th of the month (or faxed from the 15th to the end of the month) so that our dedicated mar team can make the necessary corrections.

Do you provide med tech training?
As a free service to our pharmacy partners we provide med tech training periodically.

How are refills obtained?
We have a full-time staff dedicated to obtaining refills for routine medications. We begin trying to obtain refills 3 weeks in advance of their need and continue right up to the date the medication is supposed to be delivered. If we are unable to obtain refills from the doctor we will communicate this difficulty to you and only then will we ask for your help in obtaining the refill. For non-routine medications either we will obtain them from the doctor or you, the facility, will send us a new prescription. We will communicate with you on a daily and weekly basis about any difficulties in filling your orders.

How do you monitor client satisfaction?
We provide a quarterly satisfaction questionnaire form to the facility. This form, when returned to pharmacy care, is reviewed by the administrative/management staff directly and prompt steps are taken to address any issues that arise from them.


How does a facility order medication?
Each facility is assigned to a specific pharmacy representative who will be there liaison with the pharmacy. All orders are faxed directly to this representative and most communications will come from and to this representative. We accept faxed prescriptions, phone orders from physicians, hard copy prescriptions and Electronic Prescriptions .

What about class 2 narcotics?
Please be aware that per federal law we require a hard copy or Electronic Prescription for any ordered class 2 narcotic before the medication can be filled and that these medications cannot be refilled but must be re-prescribed by the physician.

When are medications delivered?
If your order is received before 4 p.m. (11 a.m. On Saturdays) the order will be filled that day and delivered that evening.

How are billing questions handled?

Billing questions are handled by our trained collections staff Monday through Friday and are handled in a prompt and courteous fashion. Questions about billing, late fees, etc. Should be directed to billing at 218-435-1000 or 218-435-1100(fax)

Can you file insurance? Which insurances?
We can and do file insurance claims for those residents whose insurances can be on-line adjudicated. This means that their insurance allows electronic claims. We do not file paper claims for residents. We are enrolled in over 1800 insurance plans and a re always willing and eager to enroll in new insurances as we find them. To inquire about our enrollment in specific insurance plans or for any insurance question please fax a copy of the card and call us at 218-435-1000 and 218-435-1100(fax).

What are routine billing and delivery?
Routine billing and delivery are procedures that reduce the amount of time and effort you have to invest in ordering. When a medication is prescribed and the doctor indicates that this will be an on-going, long-term medication we place the prescription o n automatic billing. This means that you order it the first time and from then on it will be filled and delivered automatically each month without your placing an order for it. We will attempt to obtain any refills necessary, bill the medication and deliver it on a routine schedule every month. If we cannot obtain the refill needed to fill the medication you will be notified that the item would not be delivered on the exchange before the day of the exchange. Refills can be called into our refill department (please feel free to give these phone and fax numbers to doctors to facilitate our work on your behalf): 218-435-1000 and 218-435/1100 (fax)

Can you bill medicare and for what items?
We can bill most medicare part D plans for prescription drugs.

We bill Medicare part B for Immunizations and certain Diabetic Supplies

Can you supply over-the-counter items?
We can supply over-the-counter items so long as the resident’s account is secured with a service authorization form signed by the responsible party that guarantees payment of the account.

Please remember that the term over-the-counter refers to a huge variety of items and while we carry a large stock in our facility occasionally an item is ordered that we must order from our vendor. This means that obtaining it may take slightly longer than the wait time on a prescription medication.

We are enrolled medicaid providers and in fact are experts in medicaid billing and the medically needy (share of cost) program.

How do you bill the customer?
We bill customers on a monthly cycle to match our exchange cycle. When an item is ordered we bill it to the residents’ account, during the billing period these items are accumulated and on a scheduled day we run a statement of account that is then mailed to the address supplied by the resident. We ask that these statements be paid within 14 days, however, they are not considered to be past due (and eligible for a service fee) until the 28th day has passed. Occasionally, a client with whom we have no service agreement wants to purchase prescriptions from our pharmacy. In these cases we will deliver the items with our regular delivery as a c.o.d. item that the customer can give our driver a check for.